Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chez Gorman

Director of Youth Ministries

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Chaz Gorman

My name is Chelsea Gorman and I am excited to be the Director of Youth Ministries! I was born and raised in London and made the conscious decision to come back to try and do my best to give back to the community that I feel has given so much to me. I am a proud graduate of Earlham College where I received my BA in religion. Throughout my time in college and in the years since, I have been given many opportunities for travel and service. I have spent much of that time working in rural Appalachia leading groups of young people in service projects for the elderly and handicapped as well as teaching them about local ecosystems and local histories. I have also served as an intern to the Chaplain at Madison Correctional Institution where I worked closely with the Juvenile population. Along with programs such as Epiphany and Kairos, it was my job to connect with the inmates and find programming that was not only meaningful but that they were interested in as well.

I love all things summer and outdoors but can appreciate winter as a time of rest. I love the earth and growing and cooking (and eating!) good food! I love knitting, crafting, and making things with my hands. I love all kinds of music, especially blues and big band music! My favorite movies are The Sandlot, The Blues Brothers and any kind of musical. I love working with children and youth and am always amazed and renewed by their endless potential! I view my life as a prayer that I may live as an example of the love of Christ and hopefully make a small difference in the world.