Sunday, January 21, 2018

Prayer Requests

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Carolyn Blauser, Bev Dhume, Mildred Good, Geraldine Henry, Phyllis & Ted Hunter, Sue Jackman, Virginia Richey, Georgia Smith, Harold Snell, Linda Snyder, Loretta Weimer
Buddy Byers, Madelyn Duffey, Bill Eberle, Erba (Penny) Erbaugh, Jen Heuser, Lynda Junk, Don McKee, Whitney McKenzie, Chuck McMunn, Norieta McMunn, Gail Miller, Emily Minner, Cherie Mouser, Nancy Rowley, Shuna Smith, Dan Snell, Daniel Summers, Deena Townsend, Lisa Vroom, Doug Weimer, Caleb White, Mark Yoakum
Serving on Active Military Duty:
Captain John Crisp, Lt. Tom Crisp, Sgt. Mathew Rowley
Please pray for the family and friends of those who have given their lives for our nation.