Saturday, February 24, 2018


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An usher team consists of six members from the congregation.  The ushers arrive at church at least half an hour before the service starts.  They are stationed around each entrance to the Sanctuary, handing out the programs as people enter.  They are also there to assist the elderly if needed, help visitors find their way around the church, and be a contact person should an emergency arise.  On occasions where the Sanctuary is filled close to capacity, the ushers help people find seats and bring out extra chairs if necessary.  During the service the ushers collect the offering, and direct the congregation to communion if communion is being served on that Sunday.  After the service, the ushers make a quick pass through the Sanctuary to pick up programs that were left behind and straighten up the pews.

There are six usher teams that rotate through the year so each team will usher for one month out of every six.  The Worship Ministry sincerely thanks everyone who is currently serving the church as an usher.  The current ushering schedule can be found by clicking the link below.  Anyone who would be interested serving as an usher or have a question about ushering please contact the Church Office.

Ushering Schedule 2018