Saturday, June 24, 2017

J Walkers is a group of Christian youth coming together to learn about the gospel and grow in the love of Christ through games, art, discussion, fellowship, and service to others. We meet the first three Sundays of the month during the school year.  For more information or questions about the J Walkers please contact Chez.

J Walkers June 2017

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J Walkers 30 Hour Fast

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J Walkers Mission Trip

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June 18th - 25th 2016

by Raven Large

Our First Stop

The first place we stopped was at St. John's in Rock Hill, SC. It was a very nice church. There were couches for us to sleep on, there was a full basketball court, air hockey, ping pong, pool, and even showers for all of us to use. This church was huge and we are all grateful for them letting us stay there. For their ceremony in the morning it was different than ours, they sung and had a band.


Savannah, Georgia

When we first arrived in Savannah, Georgia, we went to the Grace United Methodist Church. We stayed there for 5 nights. They provided us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There were six churches there for their mission trips. But, none of the other churches came as far as we came. They were all from Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. All the participants were very nice! We even got to be in a room with another church!


Savannah, Georgia

On our second day of being in Savannah, we had groups made with other churches. We all got along so well. Everyone would go to different sites everyday. Our first day we sorted food to give to families who couldn't provide food for themselves and their family.


Tybee Island

The third day we were in Savannah, we went to Tybee Island to worship God there. We also go to go in the ocean and play in the waves. We got to sing and do devotion on the sand. That was one of my favorite parts of the mission trip even though we weren't on the pier.


River Street

On our last full day we went to River Street! It was so cool. We went into this candy and ice cream shop and it has the best ice cream I have ever had. There was a river that separated Georgia and South Carolina. There was a beautiful sunset over the bridge.


Chattanooga, Tennessee

When we arrived in Chattanooga, we immediately met up with another church, the Presbyterian Church. When we met with them we went to Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls is kind of like Ohio Caverns, except bigger, and it has the largest underground waterfall.


Rock City, Tennessee

In Rock City, we went to an incline railroad where you go in a train and go up this railroad and observe everything around you. When you get to the top, they have tower viewers so you can see everything.


We also went to Rock City Lookout Mountain where everyting was made out of rocks and it was amazing.


My favorite part of the Mission Trip was Tybee Island and helping people in need.

The most difficult part was knowing that the people at the nursery home didn't have family or friends to come and visit them. So I though it was nice for us to go there and talk with them and to learn their stories.

We can continue to work by going to an nursery home and becoming closer with the ones near us in our community. We can also pick up trash by the roads to help the community.

The most meaningful moment was being able to meet new people from different states and being able to come close to them.


Mission Trip

by Emily Minner

The mission trip that the J Walkers, including myself, took this past June was a great experience for all of us. Not only did we bring back t‐shirts and new stories, but we also all brought back a new perspective. One key detail to our new perspective was how to love God the best we can. Something we often said in Savannah was that “We love because God first loved us, and that the best way to love God back is through loving other people.” It sounds easy enough until you really consider how many times you have not been so loving to those around you. One of our focuses of the week had been to love everyone around us no matter how hard it seemed. This started in our work groups. We were all put with people from different states and different youth groups and those were the people that we would spend every work day of the week with. We were able to work and grow with these people throughout the week. We learned to put our differences aside and form strong bonds between ourselves and the people we met. We all made new friends and formed friendships with people we may not have ever thought we´d share something in common with. I still talk to the other people in my work group, and I brought back stronger relationships with several people in our own youth group.

Not only did we form bonds between each other, but we also all met different people from our work sites. It was inspiring to see how God was working in other people’s lives as well as reflecting everyday to see how God was working in our own. My group, the Dumplins, spent half of all of our work days working for a homeless shelter in Savannah. On our last day in the shelter, we were given a tour of the building. Several of the attendants were asked to share their stories with us. The one that stuck out the most to us was the last that we heard from a man who had just recently entered the shelter. He told us that he hadn’t always been homeless or had so little, in fact, he was quite wealthy in his years before. One bad thing happened and suddenly he had lost it all. This was a sad story, but the man did not feel bad for himself. He told us that although he doesn’t understand it yet, this was a part of God’s journey for him. That God will lead him through it and guide him to where he is suppose to be. He had such a positive attitude and a strong love for God that kept him going, and that was truly inspiring to all of us. We all wished the best for him, and told him that we would all pray for him.

That was a time when it was easy to love someone, but it is often not that easy. On our third day in Savannah, on the way to the aquatic center where we showered everyday, a semi truck drove by our bus and broke off the mirror. They continued driving, and left us with one less mirror on the bus. This was a time when it was harder to love someone, because people make mistakes, however it was equally important for us to love him as it was to love the people at the homeless shelter, because God asks us to love everyone, no matter their mistakes.

We brought back with us many stories: some happy, some sad. From our church group time at the end of every day, it was clear to see how everyone’s perspective on people and God’s love was changing. We all realized how deeply God loves us, which made it so much easier to spread that love onto other people. We put away the labels and stereotypes that we use everyday at home, and simply decided to love everyone, because we all deserve to be loved.

This was such a great opportunity for us all, and we thank everyone who contributed immensely. I hope that I get another opportunity in the future to go along on another mission trip with this youth group.

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