Thursday, February 22, 2018


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Our Mission

To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Our Vision

We are a Ministry-Focused, Christ—Loving Church,

Entering into our Third Century of Service

To God and our Community through Faith in Christ Jesus


Our Motto

Making Disciples, Making a Difference


Our 5 Core Practices

Radical Hospitality

Passionate Worship

Intentional Faith Development

Risk-taking Mission & Service

Extravagant Generosity


Our 5 Core Expectations







Our Methodist Heritage

At First UMC we live out our
Christian discipleship in the tradition of
John Wesley and “the people called Methodists.”


Our Core Traditions

General (Simple) Rules:

  • Do No Harm — Refrain from doing anything that does harm to you, to others, or to your relationship with God.

  • Do Good — Be proactive in doing good for others as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

  • Stay in Love with God — Actively make the Means of Grace (Worship, Bible Meditation and Prayer, Holy Communion, Acts of Mercy, Fasting) part of your daily life.

Grace and Freedom — We believe that God’s grace is sufficient for all of humanity’s needs. We believe that the choices that we make matter and that God has given us this freedom to choose.

Personal and Social Holiness — We believe that we are called to live our personal lives as reflections of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are called to live in the world accordingly.

Knowledge and Vital Piety — We believe that education and the pursuit of knowledge are part of the call of God upon our lives and that this pursuit is part of a vital faith.

Faith and Action — We are saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ and this faith is made evident in our actions in the world.

Wesley’s Quadrilateral

We find truth and the will of God by using these 4 means of knowledge and understanding.

  1. Scripture — The Bible contains everything we need for salvation and is the primary source for our faith and practice.

  2. Tradition — We are shaped in our understanding of the Christian faith by the great cloud of witnesses who have come before us.

  3. Reason — Our God-given intellect is most powerfully evident when we put our reason into the service of God.

  4. Experience — We have both shared experiences and experiences unique to us that help shape our understanding of our faith and practices.

First United Methodist Church