Saturday, February 24, 2018


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In the New Testament, the apostles were very conscious of the importance to greet one another.  Romans 16:1-16 is a perfect example of Paul sending his personal greetings to those he met during his journeys.  These personal greetings went to Romans and Greeks, Jews and Gentiles, men and women, prisoners and prominent citizens, all unified by, and through the Church.  Paul’s greeting concluded with a request to ‘Greet one another…’.  This is what all of us, as Christians, should do as well.

The Worship Ministry has established Greeter Teams, whose role is to follow Paul’s example and greet all who come to worship each Sunday.  A warm welcome may be all someone needs to lift their spirits and allow them to worship with a joyful and peaceful heart.

This ministry also serves a vital part in bringing our church outside its walls.  By standing outside on the sidewalk greeting all who come to worship, those who are passing by, see a beautiful church that is open and welcoming, rather than a large impressive church that is very intimidating to those who are not regular members.

There are six greeter teams that rotate through the year so each team will greet for one month out of every six. If you would like to be a greeter, or have a question, please contact the Church Office.