Saturday, February 24, 2018

Audio/Visual Volunteer

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There is a group of people who work behind the scenes every Sunday morning before and during Worship service.   Without these people, the Worship experience would be vastly different, yet most Sundays their contribution to the Worship Service is only noticed when it is missing.  The group I am referring to is the Audio/Video Technicians. 

Their work begins about an hour before service starts.  They set up the TV monitor in the Welcome Center and the monitor speakers for the Choir.  If there will be special music, or other events requiring microphones, they are set up in the required configuration.  Sound checks are run on every microphone, and proper levels are set for any special music.  

During the service, the audio technician runs the sound board.  At any given time technician need to know who is about to speak, where they will be speaking from and what will be coming up next. 

A video server is installed in the bell tower that will automatically turn on 10 minutes before the service starts, and shuts down 20 minutes after the service is over.  This server is tied in to the sound system and controls the video camera.  Each service is streamed live on the church's web site, and a recording is made for later editing and posting to the Sermon Library section of the website. 

After the service all the equipment is torn down and put away.  The video server will automatically upload the recorded video of the service to a directory on the website.  Once this is done the technician will download the video file and edit the file down to just the scripture reading and the sermon.  This edit file is then uploaded to the Sermon Library section of the website. 

The Audio/Video Technicians also run the sound board for any weddings, concerts, plays, or other special events held at the church.  Anyone who would be interested in learning this role in the church, or has a question about the audio/video ministry, please contact Brian Benedum.